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The Body Shop


Discover the latest range of beauty and cosmetics from The Body Shop. Whether you’re looking for a new skin care regime, the latest beauty products, or looking for some pampering products for some much needed “me time” you’ll find more than you were looking for. With a strong company ethos of enriching the planet and caring for animals, it’s beauty with heart that will make you feel good inside and out!

Black Magic

Get ready to give into temptation and fall in love with the dark side. This seductive fragrance is wrapped in nature’s sweetest ingredients to create the darkest, most sensual musk.

Tonal Tailoring

You wouldn’t settle for Mr. “Almost right” so why do it with your foundation? These new Shade Adjusting Drops help turn an almost-there shade into the perfect one.

Sweet Treats

Take some time out to give your skin the treatment it deservces. When you need a bit of nourishment reach for the new 100% vegetarian face mask range. Nothing will give you softer, smoother looking skin then the Ethiopian Honey Mask, and it smells utterly delicious! Sweet!

Tea Tree-tment

Prone to blemishes and oily skin? Tea tree is nature’s alternative to harsh ingredients and is clinically proven to give clearer looking skin. So say goodbye to shine and hello to beautiful skin!

Oils Of Life

By infusing 3 precious seed oils with a powerful blend of essential oils, this range instantly replenishes moisture, reduces the signs of ageing and leaves your skin feeling velvety-soft.

Balancing Act

Having combination skin can make it tricky to know which skincare products to use. But fear not! The seaweed range featuring cleansers and toners helps keep your skin happy and healthy. So say goodbye to oily looking skin and hello to a beautiful natural glow.

Smoke On The Eau De Parfum

A daring and mysterious fragrance in a light eau de toilette, this scent features an intoxicating blend of musk with notes of black smoky rose and tobacco flower.

Spa Of The World

Desperately seeking some serious rest, relaxation and rejuvenation? Try the Spa Of The World range from The Body Shop. Give these products your body and they’ll give you back your mind.

All Eyes On You

For vegan beauty inspired by earth’s richest colours, the interchangeable eyeshadows in the Down to Earth palette create the perfect look whatever your style. From neutral hues for a natural look, to rusty colour pops and smoky tones for a darker more seductive feel, these are a must have for any beauty lover’s make-up bag.

Calming Camomile

Calm things down with camomile and harness the purifying power of nature. This gentle range cares for your skin while getting rid of make up and grime leaving your skin feeling fresh and petal soft.

Glow On!

Pamper your skin to perfection with the Vitamin C range for tired and grumpy looking skin. Start with the glow Microdermabrasion scrub to buff off dull skin and refresh your face. Then it’s time for some nourishment with the glow boosting moisturiser for skin that feels fresh and more energized. So go on, glow crazy!

Minty Fresh

Refresh those tired toes with a peppermint foot scrub! Intensely exfoliating volcanic rock granules help buff away rough patches to leave feet feeling soft and smooth.

Age Defying Beauty

Keep those wrinkles at bay with the Drops of Youth range. These age defying products help pores look tightened and fine lines appear smoothed to make skin look visibly younger.

Beau-Tea Ceremony

Green Tea is thought to bring good health and wellbeing, so it’s the perfect inspiration for a soothing bath and body range from The Body Shop. Turn your beauty regime into a celebratory tea ceremony!

Instant Perfection

Meet your new make-up bag must-have! This all-new face perfector blurs imperfections, giving you flawless photo-perfect skin in an instant! #NoFilter

Hydrate, Perfect and Protect

Concerned about the damaging effects of the environment on your skin? The Vitamin E range can help to protect against pollution, cigarette smoke and UV rays to help keep skin looking young and fresh.

A Close Shave

Male grooming has come a long way since the days of a simple shave and splash of cologne. Find everything from shower gels to shaving creams, exfoliators to moisturisers to help you get your groom on!

Aloe Beautiful Skin

Aloe Vera is nature’s very own skin soother and is the perfect treat for allergy-prone, itchy or red skin. This fragrance and alcohol-free range will reduce irritation and calm sensitive skin.

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